Who can apply?

Open-out Courses System (OCS) allows those who are not registered students to be able to access all courses offered by our University within existing resources. Our University announces these courses at the beginning of each term together with their course outlines and timetables and receives applications. There are five target populations here:

  1. Students who are candidates for undergraduate study
    Students in their last year of study at high school or high school graduates can take courses from the departments/programmes they wish to study in. If they successfully complete a course and later register to that department/programme as a full-time student, they will be exempt from that course.
  2. Students Registered at Near East University                                                                                       
    All students who are currently registered at a programme at the Near East University can take any other course in addition to the compulsory and elective courses they are supposed to take. These courses do not appear in their transcripts due to the fact that they are not part of their programme. However, upon successful completion, students are given documents to indicate that they have taken these courses as auditors or certificate students.
  3. Students Registered at Other Universities
    Students regustered at other universities may wish to take any of the courses that are open to the public for several reasons such as improving themselves in that field, understanding concepts better or experiencing different points of view in a specific course. They may also have the possibility of being exempt from courses they have taken at Near East University at their own institutions.
  4. Professionals who would like to Improve/Update their Knowledge and Practices
    Professionals from different fields can take courses offered at the university at undergraduate and graduate levels in order to improve themselves and/or update their field-specific knowledge. Once they complete all the requirements of the courses they have registered for, a Certificate is given to them. This certificate can be used to be exempt from courses they have already taken in case they get accepted to a graduate programme at the University.
  5. Individuals who would like to Take Courses at University Level for Various Reasons
    Our main aim in OCS is to make the existing resources and opportunities of our University available to those who would like to take advantage of them in improving themselves for various reasons. Members of the public can register for all of the open-out courses at auditor or certificate statuses.