Mission and Vision

The main aim of the Open-out Courses Coordination Office (OCCO) is to share the existing experiences of our University in producing knowledge and technology with individuals outside the university in order to integrate with the community to provide the maximum contribution to the world. Based on this primary aim, the OCCO has the following specific duties:

  1. To spread the educational and research opportunities of universities, where scientific education takes place, to the rest of the community
  2. To provide different adacmiec options to the students studying at tertiary education institutions, to help them gain new and different perspectives and provide them with scientific support
  3. To help those members of the community who are not interested in graduating from  a specific programme at a tertiary educational institution access the scientific and research opportunities offered by our University
  4. To develop and update the knowledge and field-specific practices of individuals who work in different fields
  5. To increase the level of knowledge, culture and expertise within the community

OCCO envisions to become an academic reference point by spreading the scientific mind which naturally exists within the foundations of universities to the rest of the community in order to support and increase the possibilities of maximising the quality of life in the world.