Why Open-out Courses?

It is an undeniable fact that those countries where information is not just used but shared and produced are leading the world in both economic and political arenas. The processes through which knowledge and information are produced and shared not only trigger but also direct and govern a country’s economic production. The founding structures of these processes start within universities that are the primary source of education and research. With the education they provide and research they conduct, universities can be considered to be the flagship of development in any country. Thus, universities need to optimise the spread of this existing capacity and experience to their own communities in particular and to the whole humanity in general in a sustainable way. In this respect, universities in developed countries have created practices such as non-degree, auditor and student-at-large programmes in order to share the knowledge, research and experience they have accumulated with the whole community. Parallel to this, our University has brought these three forms of applications together both theoretically and practically, and has restructured them under one Open-out Course System (OCS).